Wordsmith– I also write books

In the futuristic young adult book I am presently writing, Earth is in a second Ice Age.  The seventeen-year-old hero, Marchand Laurent, sails an iceboat.  Sailing an iceboat fits well with my young thrill-seeker’s personality, but he’s the guy who saves the world.  Or should I say new world.  After the solar system was bombarded with asteroids that caused Earth’s Ice Age, Venus becomes habitable.</p><p>Incidentally, an iceboat is a hull attached to a perpendicular cross piece called a runner plank. Three long “skates” or runners are attached to the boat, one on each end of the plank and at the fore end of the hull. Iceboats are strictly wind powered and need relatively snow-free ice to sail.</p><p>I’m writing young adult under the pen name of Rudyard Rowland so that I don’t annoy readers of Kathleen Rowland (my real name) who writes sensuous romantic suspense.  “Rudyard” also writes heart-stopping suspense but not spicy.  A kiss is a really big deal in young adult books.


3 thoughts on “Wordsmith– I also write books

  1. Janessa Breckenridge

    I know you said at one time, your hero does land sailing on Venus. It’s a related sport and utilizes a configuration with an iceboat-like fuselage or frame equipped with wheels instead of runners

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