Taking care of yourself

Do you want to make a fresh start?

Follow these steps!

Create a simple dream board with the formula, I x V = R which translates to Imagination times vivid equals reality.  Expert Glenna Salsbury states the more vivid your future seems, the more real it becomes to your brain.  Gather magazine pictures of images of people laughing at work or photos of your dream home.

Pinpoint the area you want to freshen up with Salsbury’s AAAbc approach.  The first “A” stands for alter.  What small change do you want to make?  Your career in your current environment?  Find out if there’s a new opening.  Your personal life?  Siogn up with a dating website or plan a weekly date night with your husband.  The second “A” in Salsbury’s approach is something to avoid.  If you can’t alter something, avoid it.  If you can’t avoid it, move to the next “A” and accept it.  Accept where you are at the time being.  The “b” is for build as you focus on what is working.  You may be in a job rut, but you believe in the product your selling.  Your dating life may be stalled, but your friends are great.  That list of positives leads to the “c” or change as in change of perspective.  Use what’s working to fix what isn’t. Network with friends and go out for a double date with you.  Your fresh start is underway.


15 thoughts on “Taking care of yourself

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Kathleen, I didn’t know I actually use a dream board. I do cut pictures out of magazines– I adore those cute flats with a kitty face in the front. I’m thinking I need to be more playful.

  2. Kathleen Rowland

    Hey Mary Alice, I know the shoes you’re talking about from TukShoes.com! Adorable. Maybe you need a kitty coin purse to go with it.

  3. Reba Studebaker

    Heck yeah, we’re all smitten by kittens, and I also need to relax and be more playful. But it takes a busy industrious bee to make real improvements. I’m trying to brighten my outlook. As a legs model with growing competition, I need to stay spunky since reality tells me I will receive fewer jobs in the future. This morning I took a walk outside and saw a woodpecker in the trees. I’m grateful for being healthy and happy.

  4. Alice Bentley

    Good for you, Reba. At least you are beautiful and skinny, ha ha. I’m trying to be optimistic after separating from my husband. I started attending a Bible class after church. I don’t have many friends who attend, but the group has inspiring conversations. It’s a nice social connection that’s helping me make a fresh start. I agree with being a busy bee– I had to do something.

  5. Nina Banks

    Social connections are so important, Alice. I’m in a bit of a rut with my friends, and this has to do with their negative outlooks. They get into these weird political discussions that bog me down! I signed up for a class at our community college in photography. I wish it started today!

  6. Dash Hamelton

    All of us, me included, need to look outside ourselves more. Nina, I feel the same as you do about angry, negative political discussions. Oh, yes, it’s hard to stay calm once those get going.

  7. Kathleen Rowland

    Yes, Miki! I decided to write the second book of my new adult series by using the software product Scriveners. After ordering the disc and the Dummies book, I struggled with details. Yesterday I signed up to take an online class for $45. Until it starts in late February, I will read the manual and do what I can. I’m a plotter-type writer and know once I learn how to use the product, I’ll benefit with faster writing. Thx for asking, I’m excited about this fresh start!

  8. Annika Griffin

    Taking a class, very cool. Learning something new in an area where I need a boost is a super idea. I’m going to join in on the class idea, Kathleen and Nina.

  9. Melinda Meyer

    My boyfriend gave me the cutest dog sweater for Christmas, Mary Alice– the style name from MadCloth.com is “Wiener takes it all sweater”.

  10. Kathleen Rowland

    Alice, I read your comment that you have separated from your husband. Separation creates living in limbo. Maybe you will work things out, but while apart you’re not with the special someone you once loved and maybe still love. I think your idea to join a Bible group is a good one. It’s natural to withdraw from couple-friends. By finding new friends, you can evaluate your situation, and this is an attempt for self-protection. My prayers are with you during this difficult time.

  11. Alice Bentley

    Kathleen, you hit the nail on the head. Our couple friends want us to get back together, but my husband is having an affair. I gave him the ultimatum– give her up or I’m ending our marriage. Anyway, we’ll see!

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