Places– of Charm

Does a clean house organize our minds?  In many ways it does.  We don’t waste time finding things.  My husband, Gerry, a CPA with his own practice believes a filing system is the most efficient rather than stacks.  For our home office we had California Closets create a piece of furniture in the 4th bedroom. Image You can see it here.  I have a desk on one wall. Image and Gerry has his on the other side. ImageHe hasn’t had time to organize yet.  It’s tax season, and he’s at his real office seven days a week.  


6 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. Kathleen Rowland

    Dash, one big thing our decorator Renee did was contain color. I liked the color I chose for the walls (gray) and the carpet (gray-beige called rabbit fur). Renee arranged sailing and other water-related photos and pictures. Son Ted and my husband Gerry took some amazing photos of Monterrey Carmel, the San Francisco Bay, Venice, and Italian lake country. Colors for the art work and photos were in the blue-green-gray tones. Grouping a collection of art by theme or palaette gives smaller items gravitas. Mixing media is unexpected and modern.

  2. Kathleen Rowland

    Hi Janessa,
    Gerry chose the white desks, Renee found a white shelf for our little wooden sailboat and sea gulls. You can’t see the white plantation shutters, but outside the window is water. . . our free form swimming pool with a palm tree, shubs, a lemon and olive tree.

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