People craft– taking care of ourselves

How do you feel about dogs wearing clothing?  I used to be against it but changed my mind after our daughter Janice introduced Harvey to his ducky pajamas.  He is a two-year-old Chorkie, a Chihuaua-Yorky mix, and gets cold at night.  Like all dogs, he loves attention and if being put into cute adorable outfits gives him that, he’s happy to wear them. He likes people because they tell him he’s cute.  Yes indeed, cute is a word he understands. He wears other adorable outfits such as a hoodie not to mention his superman Halloween costume. People gawk and squeal with pleasure by just looking at him.  Harvey loves attention, and I enjoy a good laugh seeing him in the various outfits Janice puts on him.


9 thoughts on “People craft– taking care of ourselves

  1. Reba Studebaker

    Oh my gosh, Harvey is on Janice’s pillow. He looks prideful perched on it. I agree, Kathleen, as long as the dog doesn’t mind, dressing up is fine.

  2. Annika Griffin

    As long as a dog is comfortable, clothing is fine. I have a poodle, and believe me, she looks glamorous in her leopard print jacket.

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