Places– of Charm

Fill your home with trendy orchids!  The Getty greenhouse photo below shows us the magical color called “radiant” which Pantone declared as the color of the year.  This means we will see a lot of it in clothing, decorating, and even nail polish.  Isn’t it true that all shades of purple boost our creativity and spirituality?  This soft rose-tinged shade is the perfect way to brighten a neutral room.

  There can't be many things more out of step with a wet, miserable February than the explosion of heat, humidity and spectacular colour you find in an orchid house


12 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Most of us need to expand our palette. Layering tints of orchid with other soft lavender shades crates a soothing, relaxing vibe. I asked Rob to repaint our dining room. He asked me what color, and I said Exclusive Plum by Sherwin-Williams.

  2. Dr. Jill

    Purple hues are study-proven brain boosters for originality and creativity. Pantone color expert Leatrice Eiseman says it’s perfect for a workspace.

  3. Kathleen Rowland

    Orchids themselves are great for decorating. They’re delicate while also hardy. One plant can produce several blooms year after year. The Phalaenopsis orchid, called the moth orchid, blooms all year round. Look for the magic window sill for natural morning light.Orchid pro Rich Salvaggio of Teleflora shares that once a week watering will do. Salvaggio likes Terracycle Orchid plant food and applies it once a month.

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