Wordsmith– I also write books

Yes, indeed, friends.  People judge a book by its cover.  Designer Carey Abbott (who also writes as Tabitha Blake) comes to rescue an author in need of a stunning book cover.  Carey is having a half priced sale on her pre-made covers.  Man-oh-man, they are amazing. For my New Adult Interracial romance, I needed a custom cover (which Carey created).  Otherwise I would have chosen one on her blog below:

Here’s a sneak preview of my book to be released in May:

5 thoughts on “Wordsmith– I also write books

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    I love a romance, and there’s such excitement with the new adult genre these days. And yes, Carey Abbott designed a perfect cover for you.

  2. Rud Row

    I think the colors are stunning and representative of the story– the glacier at the bottom is “ice age”, but the sun glints off it and makes it glow orange. Nice for Venus which is where the couple is going!

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