Exercise– for Body and Spirit

If you are a lap swimmer, chances are you’ve heard of the new one-piece goggles.  I’ve had mine for a week.  Sometimes I can get a good seal.  Most of the time, I’m adjusting every lap or two because of leakage. At the store (Sports Chalet) I believed I had a perfect fit. Aside from the leakage, visibility is excellent.  I feel adjustment to make these goggles watertight is still an issue.   Have you tried them?  .  <!– –> &amp;lt;style type=”text/css”&amp;gt;.vi-hide-mImgThr {display: none;}&amp;lt;/style&amp;gt;&amp;lt;img id=”icImg” class=”img img300″ itemprop=”image” src=”http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NDAwWDQwMA==/z/30oAAOxyCGNTLG~p/$_35.JPG&#8221; style=”” clk=”” /&amp;gt;

 I would love to hear your opinion.  I paid $39.00 for mine!



5 thoughts on “Exercise– for Body and Spirit

  1. Dash Hamelton

    Mine seem to be a good fit, but I agree, Mary Alice. The straps need to be really tight. The red mark it leaves around my nose disappears after about an hour.

  2. Dr. Jill

    I bought a type similar to these because there is less pressure on the actual eyeballs. When the strap is high on the back of my head they seem to leak less.

  3. Janessa Breckenridge

    This does allow a much wider range of vision than most swim goggles, which helps while swimming back stroke and looking for the edge. There is an option for tinted. I do get leakage, and I lift the goggles to drain.

  4. Kathleen Rowland

    Thanks for your comments, everybody. I will tighten the straps as suggested. One problem is that mine won’t stay extremely tight. On one side, the band tends to pull back out a few notches. I like these goggles for the reason you mentioned, Jill. They don’t put as much pressure on eyeballs. I do want them to stay leak-proof.

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