People craft– taking care of ourselves

Here’s me (in our bedroom at home) prior to attending a spring tea yesterday.  In Southern California where a tea is informal, we gathered in an outdoor party room.  White linen covered some of the walls which were open wooden slats with windows.  Very pretty!  An L-shaped table held hot and cold teas and lemonade with lemon slices in the container.  Many light watercress and cucumber type sandwiches adorned the table.  As a writer I can get way too comfortable in front of my computer editing away!  It’s vital to mental health to get out!



7 thoughts on “People craft– taking care of ourselves

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Hi Kathleen, very snazzy outfit, but did most people come in floral dresses and heels. Nothing wrong with ballet flats!

  2. Kathleen Rowland

    Hi Mary Alice, there were dresses and even hats! One (soap opera actress whom I won’t identify for privacy reasons) wore a long beachy frock. To tell you the truth, Mary Alice, I wasn’t sure what to wear. I knew this wasn’t a silver service type tea. I’d googled the place, Seventh Tea Bar, in Costa Mesa. It appeared to be an upscale but contemporary place. I felt entirely comfortable dressed down from what others were wearing.

  3. Dr. Jill

    Absolutely true– getting out socially is mentally healthy. It’s good to get away from our spaces, mentally and physically, and talk to others about what they’re doing.

  4. Janessa Breckenridge

    I feel social phobia at times. Honestly I’d rather socialize with old friends in small groups who aren’t judgemental. Sometimes I worry about something for weeks before the event even happens.

  5. Kathleen Rowland

    I empathize, Janessa. I know much of social phobia stems from shyness. A mind-set that works for me is to have a couple of canned questions ready to ask people. Yesterday I saw an older woman sitting by herself, and I joined her. We had a terrific conversation about swimming of all things.

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