Places– of Charm

This morning I brought a mug of coffee to a bare spot in my front yard to scatter Columbine seeds.  Sunny with partial shade is fine, and they survive in droughts. Funny thing, on our outdoor patio table, I used seed packets in flower pot decorations at our block party. My daughter Janice told me a neighbor asked if I actually planted seeds. I do!  Now those countryside perennial seeds are in the ground. Here is a yellow bloom–

Picture of yellow columbine flower.

Columbines come in red, blue, purple and white.  Some are bi-colored. They are airy plants with attractive foliage (clover-like when young), reaching two feet. Columbine plants bloom in late spring to early summer and self-seed readily if you don’t deadhead.  If you are a hiker on the East Coast, they are indigenous in the woods.



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