Wordsmith– I also write books

Young hero Marchand LaFond is a robin-hooder on a watch-list.  Here’s an excerpt from A BRAND NEW ADDRESS:

It came as a violent surprise. Fingernails dug into his throat. A blow landed on his temple. With the painful explosion, Marchand slumped back. As he fought for a breath, he grabbed the rod that hit him. His movement became fluid, and he swirled the rod against the chest of the masked figure.

His assailant choked, and it turned into a cough. His back bowed, and he coughed heavily into his hands before streaming mucus through the air.

Was it intentional? Marchand couldn’t decide. “You’re sick.” He grabbed the guy’s mask, tugged it off, and saw remoteness in his eyes, almost an emptiness.

The man moaned. “I was sent to kill you.”

“I gathered that.” Marchand, ready to dodge another blow, angled his elbow toward the center of the guy’s nose. He waited. It’d do worse than splatter blood. “What’s your reward?”

“What do you think? Food.” He closed his eyes as if a wave of nausea swept through him.

“Who sent you?” Marchand asked, mildly amused at the guy’s teardrop tattoo.

“BioMinds gives the orders.” With a less murderous expression, the guy stepped back but held a defensive stance. Dark brown hair fell over his forehead.

Marchand took hold of his thick arm and pulled him to the table containing the baskets of apples. “Take a bushel. I have a package of freeze-dried cod in my boat.” He motioned him to tag after him. A line of moonlight marked his boat’s location. “Ever heard of Cream of Wheat?” He bent to grab a box.

“No,” he said as he took it. “What is it?”

“Never tried it. I stole it from the BotGen warehouse. Follow directions on the box.”


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