People craft– taking care of ourselves

Create a signature look for times you’re on public display, whether in restaurants, at board meetings, or meet-ups with friends.  Author Tina Gayle wears hats, and I can spot her in any fishbowl.  Legs model Reba Studebaker wears short skirts.  Some authors might dress in a way that accentuates the mood of their latest release.  When I contracted talented jewelery craftsman Bruce Mayfield, I wanted an iconic other-worldly necklace.  His stunning creation, which I’ve named Venus, is below, and I plan to wear it to book signings and readings of A BRAND NEW ADDRESS from my Intervenus Series.



2 thoughts on “People craft– taking care of ourselves

  1. Kathleen Rowland

    Bruce can make one just for you, Mary Alice. He does one-of-a-kind pieces and will ask you questions about color. I like the tones of green and tan. The wire is sterling as well as the clasp.

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