People Appreciation

Today I’m doing an author spotlight on Vivek Rajan Vivek’s YOU AND YOUR DODOISMS. His amazing book is better than any inspirational guide I’ve read in the past decade.  I am not the only reviewer who agrees with endorsers Brian Tracy and T Hav Eker.  This gem is available now for 57% off on Amazon, and I recommend grabbing this top seller.  Here is my review below:

DODOISM will reset your mind with inspiration.

The format of Vilek’s fun-to-read guide is a conference where the reader identifies with attendees stuck in their upside-down worlds. Many are “mesmerized by shimmering dazzling mirages” (Vilek’s words) of material success and don’t work on their own gifts. Conference goers want a calm and stress-free existence, both materially and spiritually, and begin to recognize the value of living in the present. Past memories bringing guilt and future worries slow fulfillment. Simply by slowing down and breathing regularly, we avoid “knee jerk” reactions. Knowing a centered poised mind is a more valuable product than constraints dictated to us, we accept every success with gratitude. “Actionless action” is a term Vilek created. Actionless is the absence of negative mind chatter, and action comes from genuine inspiration to complete a task. Action flows, and bliss follows when the task is completed.

I liked the author’s scientific explanation of energy-resistance levels. Persons can raise or lower resistance. Excessive behavior, even when pleasurable, can make humans act like dodos. The poor birds couldn’t fly when hunters came. An example of a “dodoism” might be fasting or vegetarianism as ends in themselves. These persons can also kill, loot, and plunder.

After reading DODOISM, I guarantee a reader will think less about all worries including death which is explained as a different state of life. Nothing can kill us, Vilek writes, and any reader’s heart will be lifted. I highly recommend DODISM as a path to growth and contentment.

20 thoughts on “People Appreciation

  1. Kathleen Rowland

    Hi Dash, yes indeed. Vivek has wisdom to offer. He says he’s a regular guy, but reviewers think his ideas are extra-ordinary!

  2. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Here’s the thing– we’re intelligent. I’d like to know his secrets for smoothing out the bumpy road.

  3. Reba Studebaker

    Did successful engineer Vevik fall from heaven and realize it? Falling probably hurt, and his inner tracking data came on.

  4. Rud Row

    That depends, Dash, on how your targets (at the firing range) are shaped. I like them shaped like certain people or maybe my computer when it’s giving me problems.

  5. Kathleen Rowland

    Hey friends, you won’t be arrested if you just buy Vivek’s amazing book! You’re the ones who need it, ha ha.

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