Wordsmith– I also write reviews

Today I’m spotlighting FIND ME MAGGIE, the third novella of author Beth Yarnall’s humorous, sexy mystery series, The Misadventures of Maggie Mae.
Learn more about Beth and her books at: http://www.bethyarnall.com/

When the story begins, Maggie Mae Castro is with Clive Poole, the FBI agent who’d once served as her bodyguard. Having observed her under stress, Clive trusts beautiful-wild-and-crazy Mae to do the right thing. Her talent of helping the FBI capture most wanted fugitives is somewhat tainted for two reasons. Until Clive, her past boyfriends were criminals. In addition, Maggie sidesteps the law in order to accomplish a goal. Maggie and Clive are about to have a magic moment when a phone call interrupts them. Maggie’s twin brother, Miguel, is missing. The book’s title, FIND ME MAGGIE, reflects her sixth’s sense as his twin, to know Miguel is in danger.
Maggie snaps to it, and Clive gives her his full support. She doesn’t come entirely clean with him because Miguel’s business partner, Russian mobster Sergei, was one of her former lovers. The caper is non-stop fun and action penned by talented author Beth Yarnall. Maggie says, “I’d left my cell phone at home on purpose. Mostly because I didn’t put it past him to use his FBI-Special_Agent skills to track me like the dog I was.” I am a huge fan of an author who makes me laugh with every turn of a page. I highly recommend FIND ME MAGGIE.


5 thoughts on “Wordsmith– I also write reviews

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Kathleen, I’m going to pick this book up today for my Kindle. Beth Yarnall’s heroine, Maggie Mae, the cosmetic specialist, is lively and funny.

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