Make Handicrafts– for fun

This afternoon I’m bring a meal to my friend J.G. who is receiving visitors at her condo this afternoon.  She suffered a second stroke but is doing amazingly well, the trooper that she is.  Along with a baked chicken, potato, in-season fruit salad dinner, I crafted vase (made from a drinking glass) and wrapped with rosemary and bay leaf sprigs, secured with twine.  I cut the stems of flowers so that blooms stand just above the vase.  This table arrangement spices up a room with fresh aromas. 


The character is a new book I’m writing is going to make these in the next chapter!


6 thoughts on “Make Handicrafts– for fun

  1. Mary Alice, Judy’s son Jay invited a bunch of us over from 1 to 5 today. I phoned Judy and said, “I’ll stop over around one but won’t stay more than ten minutes. Judy said she was glad for my good thinking since she tires easily! She wished Jay had made it a shorter time frame!

  2. Reba Studebaker

    Please tell Judy, I wish her the best in her recovery.
    What is the name of the book you’re currently writing?

  3. Hi Reba, I am going to finish one I started for my adult Welcome to the Lake romantic suspense series. It’s a stand-alone but follows Deeds of Deceit. The working title is Malice Hides Twice. Thanks for asking. I’m having huge fun writing it.

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