Places– of Charm

Heal yourself with water.  Cool, refreshing water soothes and inspires us.  Research from Wallace J. Nichols, PhD, author of Blue Mind states, “Just looking at an image of a gorgeous lake or ocean releases fee-good brain chemicals.”  Close your eyes and picture your favourite scene. 

Take a swim to improve memory.  I swim laps every morning from 8 to 9.  Researchers from Indiana University at Bloomington state, ” brains of 80-year-old swimmers work as fast as those of age 30 or younger.”  I look forward to older years with full cognitive ability. Floating boosts creativity according to scientists who’ve studied theta waves, the same that are released while meditating and drifting off to sleep.  Do you enjoy listing to ocean waves?  Head to lunch and sit close to the harbour.






5 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. Dash Hamelton

    Water is essential to life as well, Kathleen. The country of Qatar has abundant power — oil and gas, sunshine, wind (and money)! This small Middle Eastern nation creates its own water supply. They also truck in 90% of their food.

  2. Hi Dash, thank you for mentioning this.
    Qatar came up with a brilliant solution. Potable (drinking) water is obtained from desalination; the process is: They take the sea water, boil it and let the steam cool. The condensed water is then filtered and treated to make if fit for human consumption, washing and industrial use. The by-product is concentrated brine (salt) water which is then pumped back into the Gulf.

    1. Thank you Veronica, the cloudy skies turned out to be a fantastic thing, and I was so happy.Happy anryiensarv, I hope you find some time as well, I look forward to seeing what you do.:)

  3. Hey Janessa, I agree. The rhythmic sound tames anxiety and lowers blood pressure. This is according the same study by Indiana University researchers. Folks who listened to just 12 minutes of a CD of ocean waves, 3 times a week, for four months saw their blood pressure plunge 6%!

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