Eat– for Good Health

Can’t get the scales to budge? Sneaking these fruits and vegetables into your weekly diet can make slimming a cinch– and cut your risk of heart disease, cancer and other ills at the same time!  1) Red cabbage burns fat and revs immunity.  Shred it into your stir-fries, sandwiches and salads. This economical veggie is packed with compounds that energize muscle cells, helping them absorb fat for fuel. Psylochemistry health bonus– immunity and cancer reducer says Joel Fuhrman, M.D.  2) Romaine lettuce trims weight according to Yale researches with its one calorie per cup.  It’s packed with B vitamins that help shut down growth of cancerous cells (Yale researchers).  3).  Plums cut calories and risk your risk of vision woes.  Sweet, juicy plums contain soluble fiber, a compound that swells in the intestines and steadies carb absorption.  Hunger-triggering blood sugar lowers.  David Katz, M.D. recommends two plums daily to prevent age-related vision loss.  4).  Stanford University research states sweet corn tames cravings and cholesterol. The corn bonus is that it is a sulphur-rich food raising good cholesterol. Harvard experts agree and also recommend soybeans, pearl onions, and leeks. Also mentioned is the awesome okra, from Australian researchers.  The Mucilage from okra, gel-like, adds to fullness.  Add a little in soups.


3 thoughts on “Eat– for Good Health

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Great advice, Kathleen, to pile our plates with plants. People who eat three to five daily servings of produce outlive their peers by several years. All studies point to what you posted. Thousands of compounds, including antioxidants, work together to reduce diseases like diabetes and cancer.

  2. Hi Mary Alice and Janessa! On your fit friend topic, psychiatrist Judith Orloff, MD agrees. You can cut weight gain by 50% and avoid life-threatening diseases just by observing someone else’s good habits. This motivates you to follow their lead.

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