Wordsmith– I also write books

On Monday evening I have an awesome opportunity to read at Lady Jane Salon Orange County. Other authors reading on September 8th are Tina Gayle, Susan Squires, and Harry Squires. I’m looking forward to hearing them read from their latest releases.

Lady Jane started in NYC and grew to other locales.  Author Beth Yarnall started ours in Orange County at the Gypsy Den Alt Café.  Beth will read in November!

As I read excerpts from A BRAND NEW ADDRESS, I will do my best to make my precious half hour at the podium to be a smashing success.

Lady Jane’s Salon O.C. will be packed with both writers and readers.  I’ll have a microphone and will sit on the stool provided.  There will be room on the raised stage to set my enlarged (two feet by three feet book cover).

While holding up the book cover, I’ll read the back cover blurb. Today I will finalize selections, all action packed.  Using eye contact, I’ll explain the upcoming scene I’ll read. Several times over, I’ll practice explanations and readings in front of a mirror and in front of dogs or hamsters until the material is second nature.  I will time myself and stop after twenty minutes.  The audience has questions.

Things I’m keeping in mind—I want my voice to be expressive in order to make a personal connection with the audience.  I want to infuse my personality with intonations.  Is a piece angry, joyous?  Reflect the mood.  Don’t rush.  Aim for a natural speed, steady and clear.  As I practice, I’ll concentrate on the rhythm and power of my words. 

I’m selling myself as a romance writer and will wear a trendy dress and heels.

I want to do my best but do not fear the audience. Besides readers, some listeners are writers who hope to be published someday.  A few are top selling authors who need to sell works-in-progress.


9 thoughts on “Wordsmith– I also write books

  1. Abby Upton

    Kathleen, thank you for posting this. I am writing my first book, and when published want to do this. Thank you for the information!

  2. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    Kathleen, your book is doing great. You should feel proud. Plus you’re an experienced reader at church. All the best!!

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