People appreciation

Some of you who have visited here know that my thirty-seven-year-old son, Johnny, slipped off a cliff while hiking down to a creek.  When Johnny broke his ankle, it was twisted backwards.  On his other leg, his patella (knee cap) was dislodged.  Now a month later, with both legs in casts, he’s as resourceful as anyone could be.  Lately, whenever bringing meals down to the “Dana Point people”, I’ve noticed how, Roxanne, my third grade granddaughter has matured.  She loves her dad so much and stays close in case he needs anything.  Like him, she tells a lot of cute stories and kids around.  Yesterday she said, “Grandma, you can sit here if you want,” and pointed to the commode.  Funny, sweet, Roxy!  She was born just before Halloween.  Her birthday party has a Halloween theme.

happy halloween


6 thoughts on “People appreciation

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    As Roxy’s parent, when big guy is hurt, his diva daughter really stepped up. I always guessed Roxy had depth behind her sparkling exterior.

  2. Hi Mary Alice, yes, for sure, she has. I saw her picking up the living room, the area where Dad was sitting. There were some tissues on the floor, flash cards, and half a cookie. Roxanne definitely sooths away his stress. She’s really there with him.

  3. Dash Hamelton

    It’s wonderful when a child gives freely to a parent. Roxanne feels her dad’s trouble with pain. She knows how to get him to laugh. That makes Johnny feel much better.

  4. Yup, Dash. Johnny is frustrated, knowing his recovery will be long. He’s (usually!) an RN working two extra jobs. Yesterday I noticed how his calf muscle has atrophied. It shrunk in a month. Johnny said there’s nothing he can do about it right now, but he’ll have to work hard to get it back with physical therapy.

  5. Ha! Funny you should mention juggling. I recently read about a study from the University of Graz in Austria that the dexterity required in juggling increases the density of gray matter! This particular part of the brain gives us our vivid imaginations and ways to solve problems out of the box.

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