People craft– taking care of ourselves

Fight tension and tiredness—with chrysanthemums! Don’t you love these vibrant fall flowers?  Do mums remind me of homecoming football games?  In addition to their perky qualities, they’re brimming with healing nutrients which are revered as a health tonic is tea.  The flowers’ antioxidants also contain calming calcium, blood-pressure-lowering potassium, tension-taming magnesium, and energizing B vitamins.  Brew a pot of delicately sweet floral-scented chrysanthemum tea or make your own by adding a few young florets.  Just make sure your flowers have not been treated with pesticides.  Below is a photo of daughter Marla’s puppy, Duchess in chrysanthemums.  I’m also adding photos of our front yard—hard to see the chrysanthemums which are behind the birch tree on the far left.




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