Eat– for Good Health

This divided bowl from forces portion control. Today I ordered 4.  For years, Traci Mann, Ph.D., conducted one study after another that confirmed traditional diets eat away at our willpower, making it harder to cut back as time goes on.  When Mann opened her own University of Minnesota lab, she set up studies in many places– cafeterias, state fairs, and even the International Space Station.  Small changes led to big effects.

Here is one of the outcomes– this is an example of a magic plate for dieters.  Put the pasta in the smaller side, and the salad in the bigger side.  Or, hot cereal in the smaller section, and fruit in the larger.  Where do the meat and potatoes go?  The smaller side of course with vegetables in the bigger section.  Kari Inuale lost 150 pounds this way!

divided  bowl


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