Places– of Charm

Don’t all of us love Earth’s seasons!  Now as winter is ending, and spring begins at the March 20th equinox, we get “spring fever.”  Our daughter Janice went to the beach yesterday and came back looking like a lobster.  Dieters buy a bikini a size too small and crash diet which often leads to over-eating.  Take it easy.  Live through spring fever with moderation.

The Vernal Equinox is a special moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator going from south to north. In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun is rising earlier now, and nightfall comes later. Plants are sprouting. Winds are softening. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, people are enjoying the warmer days of spring.  In SoCal oranges are 88 cents a pound.

Clipart Illustration of an Orange Slice

4 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. Reba Studebaker

    Hi all, I started a crash diet yesterday so that I can fit into tiny shorts this weekend. I didn’t drink enough water, passed on a hike, and was taken to the hospital.

    Live and learn. Why did I eat so much on my Hawaiian vacation?

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