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I just finished reading Chase by Elena Dillon, and her story grabbed me from the get-go, and I couldn’t put it down until The End! Rylan makes every effort to end her relationship with her obsessive boyfriend, Brian.  After he climbs into her bedroom window at three in the morning and Rylan’s mom tries to protect her with a baseball bat, the cops arrive.  The volatile situation forces her mom to relocate Rylan to Lafayette, Louisiana to live with family friends. Chase picks her up at the airport, and as they compare recent history with break-ups, they begin to forge a friendship.  Facing a random crime brings them closer.

Talented writer Elena Dillon never disappoints.  Her prose is witty, genuine, and her characters are lovable, responsible teens.  I look forward to more from this award-winner!

Elena Dillon is the winner of the Weta Nichols Writing Award for Young Adult, the InD’tale RONE award for Young Adult and was finalist in the Book Buyers Best Awards.  Elena writes sweet teenage romance with sass, suspense and swoon. Chase is one of seven new adult stories in the box set Fling for the amazing price of 99 cents!

What other’s are saying about Elena’s books:

“With a huge reveal, uncovering the dark evil on her trail, this tale is one of the best YA thrillers I’ve read!” Amazon reviewer

“This book pulled me in from the very first line: “Most days I can almost forget someone murdered my sister.” Clare Chu ~ Amazon reviewer

Find out what Elena’s up to on her blog http://elenadillon.com
Follow her on Twitter http://twitter.com/ElenaDillon
Check her out on Facebook

Fling box set


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