Wordsmith– I also write books

Traditionally published or self-published, this is the question many writers of fiction ask.  Traditionally published means the publisher assumes all the costs.  The publisher pays the writer for the right to publish the work for a specific period of time.  Big publishers pay and initial advance, but in most cases, when a book sells, the writer is paid royalties via Paypal. Many self-published books could use improvement in the area of editing.  Publishers have better editors who edit for character and suggest techniques to strengthen goal, motivation, and conflict and not just give the manuscript line-editing polish. Publishers have readers looking for certain types of stories and books.  There are various genres, but readers want more books of what they like best.  Readers sometimes gravitate to small presses because the books are less formulaic and more original.  A couple of years ago I discovered books at Tirgearr Publishing, the leader of the pack in Ireland.  I enjoyed every book I read.  Here is an example of fresh, fun deeply entertaining fiction—One Night in Dublin by Kemberlee Shortland in the City Nights Series. Oh, to write like that!  Incidentally Kemberlee and Peter Shortland are the publishers at Tirgearr, and Kemberlee’s books have hit top seller lists for many years. You can imagine how thrilled I was yesterday when Tirgearr Publishing offered me a contract for my romantic suspense, Deadly Alliance.  I was so excited last night I couldn’t sleep.  In my novel the protagonists follow the laundered money trail from California to Ireland. Tirgearr comes from two Irish words to make a new Irish word.  Tir means Land, and Gearr means Short.  Thus, Tirgearr translates to Shortland which is the last name of the publishers.  Peter and Kemberlee Shortland! Tirgearr logo-125x158  Ireland


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