People craft– getting along with yourself

Do you enjoy walking in the evening? From my husband’s childhood on, taking a walk after dinner was a routine, and this is our family’s tradition as well.  Everyone at our dinner table joins us as soon as the dishes are done.  Gerry helps with that, too!  Last night photographer Jim Hatcher of San Diego posted a stunning photo on Earth-Sky.  Tonight we can expect a spectacular sky show in the west after sunset! The first three celestial bodies to pop out at evening dusk are the moon, and higher up, Venus and Jupiter. View the brilliant trio at nightfall because all three worlds will sink below the western horizon by early-to-mid evening.



3 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. That’s right, Mary Alice, for those of us in North America. From far-eastern longitudes – such as in eastern Asia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand – the moon and Venus will be closer together after sunset July 19. No matter where you are on the globe, these three will appear close to each other and easy to see. Try watching on both July 18 and July 19!

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