People craft– getting along with yourself

The baby possum following out of a tree probably had something to do with the torrential rain.  When the rain stopped, I took the dogs out for a walk.  One of the sniffers came upon the baby possum in the gutter.  It curled up into a ball in the wet soppy gutter.  Our two daughters, Janice and Marla, came for dinner, and I hurried home to tell them, “We need to do something.”  Marla grabbed a pet carrier from the garage, and Janice helped her “scoop” up the tiny wild animal.  We drove it to Irvine Animal Center.  From there, Baby O. Possum will be transported to a local zoo where wild animals from our neighborhoods can live in naturalized habitats. “Opossums” are the only North American marsupials.  Females have a pouch on the belly where the young are carried an nourished for a time after birth.  They have a prehensile tail from which they occasionally hang.  Playing possum, feigning death, is their defense tactic.  They’re omnivorous and will eat anything in your garbage can.  Granted, adult possums are not cute, but adorable Baby O. Possum needed to be rescued.

’Possums by an unknown authorI think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree

With ’possums clinging to each limb
Like tiny, pink-tailed cherubim.

A ’possum thinks of God all day,
And lifts her gaze as though to pray;

A ’possum may in Summer scare
A nest of robins from her lair;

And winter’s snow she does disdain,
Although she will acquaint with rain.

Poems are made by fools like us’em,
But only God can make a ’possum.

5 thoughts on “People craft– getting along with yourself

  1. Rud Row

    Ha, ha, who wrote that, a possum? Perhaps their having opposable thumbs, allows them to hold to a pen in much the same way as humans.

  2. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    The name “opossum” comes from the Algonquin Indian name for the animal, pasum. How the initial “o” was appended no one seems to know for certain.

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