WordPress– I also write books

A couple of days ago I edited the first 25 pages of a first-time author’s book and read the rest of it for overall content. Not all book ideas are golden.  In this writer’s case, she wrote mostly about her marriage which took a nosedive when her husband cheated.  I feel deep empathy!  Her sad situation would have worked as a piece of women’s fiction if her narrator voice to intervene.  Journaling is beneficial for self therapy, but the author’s style was preachy.  She did not show it as it unfolded.  Backstory is unworkable in commercial fiction.  It’s fine she needed to write about it, but in the harsh light of reality, her strong sense of “autobiography” self meant she began writing in first person when the rest of the story was third person past tense.  She fell down the rabbit hole, and was chased by herself.

Many of a writer’s experiences and emotions go into books, but think about how you want to tell that story.


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