People craft– taking care of yourself

One of our sons, after being devastated when his fiance broke it off, initially decided to “try being alone” for awhile.  We went to lunch.  None of us agreed.  Here’s why– that’s not fun! Weary analysis!  Self blame– he wonders, “Did I spend too much time playing the sax?” Or, “Did it bother her I’m balding in the back of my head?”  Who knows!

Our suggestion? Go ahead, Enjoy a rebound relationship, which offers fun, companionship and excitement.  As one daughter, Marla, said, “Don’t worry about a long-term committed relationship.  Get out there and see who you meet.  It might turn into something or not.” The photo below was taken by Marla.  My husband Gerry paid for lunch but had to rush back to the office.  From left to right, grandson D’mitri, daughter-in-law Jan, son Ted (looking happier), son Johnny, me, and daughter Janice.

.  Ted's bday lunch

4 thoughts on “People craft– taking care of yourself

  1. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    No biggie, Dash. Take actor Taye Diggs, for instance. He plays Terry in Murder in the First. Very good looking.

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