Places– of Charm

Do you enjoy the tranquility of a lily pond?  Water lilies appear delicate, but don’t let their exotic aura fool you. These flowers are as tough as they are beautiful. Water lilies grow well in any USDA hardiness zone.  Water lilies can be grown in a tub on the patio or in ponds of any size. They grow from tubers planted in pots beneath the water and send up stems with rounded leaves and star-shaped blossoms that float on the surface.  They are daytime bloomers, blossoming in the morning and closing after sunset.  The blooms last about three days before sinking beneath the surface.  In winter climates hardy water lilies go dormant and can be left in the water.  Tropical water lilies bloom with vibrant, almost electric colors but must be removed and stored if water temperature is lower than 70 degrees F.

Lily's lily pond


4 thoughts on “Places– of Charm

  1. Janessa Breckenridge

    Water lilies reminds me of Claude Monet! In 1893 the passionate horticulturist purchased land with a pond near his property in Giverny, intending to build something “for the pleasure of the eye and also for motifs to paint.”

  2. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    During the last thirty years of his life, Monet’s focus was on his own garden and pond. Many of the works were painted while Monet suffered from cataracts.

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