Wordsmith– I also write books

Something truly enjoyable when writing a book is research.  In my work-in-progress. Lily’s Pad, my thirty-year-old heroine Lily owns a beach-side eatery, Lily’s Pad.  She maintains a lily pond with koi fish in her shady outdoor dining area.  It’s important to ground conversation into real life with sensory perceptions.  She is crushing on Grady Fletcher, the new second grade teacher in Moonlight Cove.  A baseball player before his accident asks if she could hostess a field trip to her eatery.  In the scene I’ll write today she tells the class how she keeps the fish from eating the tender green pads by sinking the clay pots (with plants in rock) low in the water.  “There’s some nibbling, but the larger pads survive just under water.”  Naturally Lily tells the class it’s okay to feed them a bite of crust from the sandwiches she served them.  Incidentally Grady found his calling as a second grade teacher.  He’s about to be engaged to someone else… having second thoughts.

small koi

Lily Pad

4 thoughts on “Wordsmith– I also write books

  1. It will, Dash. Samantha Royale, a celebrity in a reality TV show, Beach Babes, needs money to promote herself. She does this by tricking owners of small restaurants into taking out loans with a mafia connected loan shark. Lily falls for it.

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