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My work-in-progress, Moonlight Alliance, is a romance love triangle. Sometimes as authors we plot too far off the charts, and this is like “man overboard.” I do understand the psyche of the typical romance reader– middle class values! I don’t want to write a book that doesn’t sell, and today I had to pull myself back. I fell into a “bait and switch” but after thinking it over, knew it wouldn’t work in the market. Moonlight Alliance is not a friendship triad or ménage a trois.  There’s a place in the genre for that, but those “cooperative” implications differ from my core conflicts.  In Moonlight Alliance two women are rivals for one man but don’t know about each other until the last act.  The man, Grady Fletcher, is ensnared in a modern day arranged engagement.  His childhood sweetheart, Samantha, is the daughter his parents never had. Samantha, however, is an ambitious star who hooks up with a loan shark to fund her publicity. Grady thinks he and Samantha are done when he falls for another woman, Lily.  The two women discover each other. Here’s where I veered off the charts– Lily deciding to kill off Samantha rather than the other way around. The reader already doesn’t like overly ambitious Samantha.  Lily is the one a reader wants as a best friend.

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