Wordsmith– I also write books

Are you challenged with writing a back cover blurb for your book? After completing my second round of edits for Deadly Alliance, a romantic suspense contracted with Tirgearr Publishing,  I am re-writing my blurb. My headlines for my heroine and hero make a promise. What do they want?

“At a glance” paragraphs have the look of fast pace.  My voice emulates suspense and emotion. The snapshot of my story needs a powerful rhythm to convince readers to buy my book. Can you snap your fingers as your read it?  My focus is on what Deadly Alliance is about, not on what happens. It’s a love story with a background of ISIS domestic terrorism combined with regular gangs. I stir up human emotion and sizzle.  Will he get there in time to save her?

Will readers want to read the first section and then reach for their wallets?  Here is my blurb for Deadly Alliance:

AMY KINTYRE does whatever it takes to support others, including the caretaking of her comatose ex-boyfriend, Les.  After his death, she emerges with a dream to relaunch her sportswear design business. A bookkeeping position fits her need for a nine-to-five, and she seeks employment with Les’s rugged, opinionated former partner.

FIN DONAHUE is dying to know who steals money from his company.  The former army ranger rocketed to fame after a stint in Iraq, but now fights to stay afloat.  After the shooting of his shady partner, Les, cash is syphoned at a regular rate.   When Amy Kintyre applies for his job, Fin suspects she knows about the company drain and hires her.

Amy unearths Les’s secret bank account, used for Irish gang money laundering, and shares it with Fin.  After Amy witnesses a sword fight between a fundraising arm of ISIS and the Irish Waterfront Roaches, she plunges into their crosshairs. Fin offers refuge.  Sparks fly between them as danger escalates.

Les is alive.  Cheating the Irish Roaches drove them to shoot him, but mistaken identity allows him to wheel and deal with domestic terrorists.  Backed into a corner, he must trade Amy for their forgiveness.  Stakes are high.  Will he get there in time?


Lake ArrowheadISIS photo


3 thoughts on “Wordsmith– I also write books

  1. Thank you, Dash. Yes, Deadly Alliance goes up at a discounted pre-order price in December. I’m looking forward to seeing what the cover artist does! The actual release date is February 2nd, 2016.

  2. Hey Mary Alice. That’s right, and I came up with a working title– Deadly Obsession. I decided to give my evil woman a point of view. In a romantic suspense the antagonist can have one. Otherwise the story would be confusing.

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