Spotlight on Author Joyce Brennan

Joyce BrennanOlivia by Joyce Brennan - 200

Do you love drama, suspense, and romance in a small town?  Talented Joyce Brennan brings draws readers to Rexford, Ohio when women such as Olivia face the kind of issues we all face and must overcome them.  When Olivia relocates from New York to her former hometown, she is up against vicious rumors.  Dealing with gossip is never easy, is it!  Back in Rexford, will she find love or will her decisions destroy a new relationship?  Olivia is a page turner! Suspense, rumors and gossip make “OLIVIA,” by Joyce Brennan an page turner.

OLIVIA is the first of a series, but also written as a stand alone book. VICTORIA, the second of the series will be out in 2016 and Joyce Brennan presently editing JADE.

Friends, here’s a snippet of conversation between Olivia and Mitch, but I promise an excerpt tomorrow.

“It wasn’t the two-step, but a slow dance. Mitch pulled her close, aware he had a captive audience and she’d have to listen.

“Olivia, I know it’s difficult to date a doctor, my life’s not my own. You need to know how attracted I am to you.


6 thoughts on “Spotlight on Author Joyce Brennan

  1. Dash Hamelton

    Olivia– the book title and heroine– suffers rumors. Skeptical or gullible, we all buy into rumors sometimes. Either the good people of Rexford swallowed some whoppers or bits of the rumors were true.

  2. Dash, we will have to read Joyce Brennan’s book to find out, but one thing for sure– we have all faced gossip at one time or another. Way back (way, way back) a college boyfriend and I broke up. He must have said a few things (!) about me because his entire frat house shunned me the next semester. I never did find out what was said. Of course it was hurtful to say “hi” and receive dirty looks back!

  3. Reba Studebaker

    On the topic of malicious gossip, do you remember how rumors spun against the late Joan Rivers after her husband committed suicide? Horrible and entirely unfounded.

  4. Mary Alice Tallmadge

    I agree, Reba, and I remember feeling sad for Joan Rivers who lost her husband to suicide. His own personal circumstances and depression drove him to end his life. The media had a cruel heyday.

  5. Very hurtful, Janessa. Someone I knew (undoubtedly Reba knew of Donna Adler since she is a model) was the target of her husband’s late girlfriend. Sadly the husband committed suicide by carbon monoxide in his Mercedes while in the garage. Rumors intensified when the model wife drove his Mercedes after his death. I knew the couple. This was their only car! Donna never married again and died of breast cancer a decade ago.

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