Release your happy hormones with fresh air!

Alaskans are among the most active people in the US says lead researcher Dan Witters.  In spite of cold weather they demonstrate good exercise habits.  Being active releases fee-good endorphins in the brain.  Breathing in fresh air fills our lungs with energizing oxygen.  Sunlight elevates our store of mood-brightening vitamin D even when it’s cloudy.


6 thoughts on “Release your happy hormones with fresh air!

  1. Janessa Breckenridge

    Something I know about Alaskans, and maybe it’s due to their small population, they need to trust and support others. Their elements are hard, particularly in winter. They look out for each other.

  2. Reba Studebaker

    Crazy but most people choose to live in Alaska. Transplants can be anyone you want to be. You’re free to follow your passion and dreams.

  3. Rud Row

    That’s true according to Dan Buettner, author of Thrive, Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way. Having a sense of purpose adds seven years to your life!

  4. We can’t let cold weather get us down! The Alaskans don’t! My husband and I just returned from a morning walk. After I tidy up the house, I will swim laps. This afternoon I’ll be outside watching our grandson’s Lacrosse game. There will be opportunities to walk around the field.

    1. Ce n’est pas Chuck Norris qui prend un an de plus, c’est l’année de plus qui prend Chuck Norris (en pleine gueule)! Sinon, toujours aussi fan de ce résumé de l&rqous;extrême (et des "quoi le baise" de Brice, qui m’ont bien fait rire)!

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