My pre-holiday cleaning list

Friends, I started yesterday by cleaning the refrigerator and pantry. 

Christmas tree and starBesides food shopping, here is what I will do today:


  • Organize and straighten up shoes
  • Hang coats in the closet or on hooks
  • Mop hard-surface floors with mild detergent


  • Scour the sink
  • Wipe the exteriors of appliances. Tip: To make stainless-steel appliances sparkle without being sticky, wipe them with club soda.
  • Sweep and mop floor with mild detergent
  • Spray and wipe down surfaces with disinfectant cleaner, especially the stove and countertops


  • Spray the toilet exterior with a general-purpose cleaner; sanitize the bowl with antibacterial toilet bowl cleaner
  • Scrub the sink and wipe faucets
  • Wipe mirrors
  • Mop hard-surface floors with mild detergent
  • Put out clean hand towels

Living/Family Room

  • Vacuum
  • Plump pillows
  • Dust furniture and shelves
  • Shake out or vacuum rugs


  • Make beds; change linens if necessary
  • Plump pillows
  • Vacuum carpet
  • Dust furniture and shelves
  • Fold or hang up clothes and jewelry

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