Release day for Deadly Alliance!

Deadly Alliance, a romantic suspense, is first a love story about Amy Kintyre, an ordinary woman who just wants a 9-to-5 job so that she can get her sportswear design business back on track.  In the village of Lake Arrowhead, California, there aren’t many jobs available, and she applies at her late boyfriend’s company.  His partner, Finn Donahue, wanted to kill the slime if he weren’t already dead.  Finn is missing cash and hires Amy, thinking she know something about it. Below are snippets from three reviewers.

Marisa Slusarcyk, Goodreads says, “Deadly Alliance touches on a lot of hot topics in the world right now and the author creates an intricately wonderful story that covers many genres. It has gangs and fights, faked deaths and so much more. A great book all around.”

Teresa Jensen, Netgalley says, “Finbar Donahue, former Army Ranger, is figuring out why his company is missing cash monthly.  This began after his former partner, Les, was shot in a drive-by shooting but has now passed away.  Amy Kintyre, Les’s caretaker, applies for a job with Finn.  She uncovers a secret bank account belonging to Les, and risks her new employment opportunity when she brings it to Finn’s attention… add in a mob, domestic terrorism, Les’s death by mistaken identity… the book really heats up.  Rowland ties everything into a nice bow…great plot to follow and great romance.”

Meg Heenan, Netgalley says, “Such a good romance, I thoroughly enjoyed Deadly Alliance.”



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