Spring cleaning– with our planner!

When we think of Spring cleaning, it’s about weeding and clearing, but what about our own lives, our me-time? My planner is filled to the brim. Involvement is a great way to “get out of ourselves” and make a difference. An organization we believe in needs help, and we volunteer, but over-involvement takes its toll.  To-do lists stack up.  As a responsible person,  I can’t just quit or become forgetful with tasks I need to complete.  I am cutting back in ways that benefits me the most.  Do I feel better?  Yes, I do, and I’m off to swim laps in celebration.

Last night my husband and best friend, Gerry, asked my how my sequel to Deadly Alliance is coming along. Slowly, I said, with this, that, and the other thing.  His advice? Cut back, give yourself more time to do what you love.  I’m completing my year as Secretary/membership of OCCRWA, and will assist the person who takes this on.   I get a lot out of  my church and my sorority alum group, Kappa Alpha Theta. I won’t be doing any political work.






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