What to Wear to the Romance Writers of America Conference in San Diego

An author’s goal is to learn about craft and marketing. If an author is not connected to a publisher, he or she might pitch to an agent or editor. In any case how we present ourselves is important.  We’re networking!  It’s scientifically proven that people are attracted to pretty people. A successful author must dress like one.

Dressing to impress is business casual. Men wear slacks and shirts. Half of the women authors wear pretty shirts with dress slacks or nice capris with pretty shirts. A third will wear long or knee-length skirts. The remaining group will wear full suits (in my opinion, over-dressed) or jeans (okay if denim is navy).  AC is on high.  Carry a sweater or blazer. Don’t dress like the hotel staff in black pants and a white blouse.

You will find me in capris wearing comfortable sandals or ballet flats.


RWA is a little different than sexier Romantic Times conference.  At RWA be sure to wear a bra. Do you write hot? It’s fine to show your writing style in the way you dress, but keep it classy not trashy-tight or (bra-less) revealing.

Wear comfortable shoes but not sneakers. At the end of the day authors in high heels walk wear hurting pained expressions. A polo shirt is business casual while a Hawaiian shirt is not.  If you write New Adult romance don’t go overboard on hair accessories and flowers.  Another distraction for networking is facial and tongue piercings.

Keep makeup clean and professional.  Avoid the night club look.


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