People craft– getting along with pets

One of our bunny pets, Delila Foppyears, passed away a few months ago. Irv (short for Irvine, the town where we live) is a widower.  Of course he suffers loneliness.  It isn’t easy being alone after losing his life companion.  One of our dogs babysits Irv by sitting next to the fence where he resides close to his hutch.  Harvey is a sweet Chihuahua mix who also babysits our Cocker Spaniel puppy.



People craft– getting along with pets

There are joys to owning an older dog.  Our thirteen-year-old Daffodil, taken years ago at an obedience training class, is on the right.  “Daffy” is so easy going that she doesn’t even mind when I clean her ears.  Her two vices are howling at sirens (which hurt her ears so much that she needs to warn us of impending danger) and digging holes, where she places her two favorite squeaky toys.  She puts them at the bottom of a large hole and then lays by them to guard them.  They squeak and are therefore alive, aren’t they? Sadly though, Daff now has what the vet diagnosed, a conjestive heart condition.

Noah (black and tan) 1 1/2 years, Dax (solid black) 6 years, & Hannah (my golden girl) 1 1/2 years, are pure German Shepherds.