Eat– for Good Health

Writing deep point of view means delving into all the senses a character sees and feels, but it also includes what they do.  My heroine Amy Kintyre is a sportswear designer who hikes and eats healthy.  Something she would make is Vegetarian Zucchini Moussaka:

Ingredients:  2  zucchini, 1 small onion, 1.5 T. olive oil, 1 cup dry bulgur, 4 cups tomatoes (canned, crushed) 1 oz. water, 4 oz. lowfat cottage cheese, 1 T. parmesan cheese grated, 1 cup chopped parsley, fresh, and 1 large egg, raw.

1/2 cup mashed potatoes.

Directions for 4 servings:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Wash zucchini, peel onion, chop both and sauté.

In another pan mix olive oil and bulgur and sauté over medium heat until brown. Add the remaining ingredients, turn heat low so that bulgur soaks up the liquid.

Lightly beat the egg.  Mix in cottage cheese and fresh parsley.  Assemble all together into an oven-proof dish.  Top with a dollop of mashed potatoes. Bake for thirty minutes.  Serve with pepper.

vegetarian moussaka

Wordsmith– I also write books

Yesterday, I wrote, “The End”, after finishing a romantic suspense, DEADLY ALLIANCE, and submitted it to the attention of Candace Havens at Entangled Press for their IGNITE line.  What happens next?  I write the next book of my Alliance Series.  Attraction is sizzling, and action is high adrenaline. My hero, Fin Donahue, is a hard-bitten former Army Ranger. My heroine, Amy Kintyre, trusts the wrong people too much which gets her into big trouble.

My series takes place in Lake Arrowhead, a mountain-lake community in California.


People appreciation

Today writer Jessie Clever is spotlighting me on her blog!  Thank you Jessie.  Here it is–

January 23, 2015 · 6:00 am

Friday Fast 5 with Kathleen Rowland

Today I welcome romantic suspense writer Kathleen Rowland to the Friday Fast 5!

Who do you credit with being your biggest influence as a writer?

My dad, a psychiatrist, told many stories about patients but never used their real names. I knew all the Urban Legends and some family sagas of our own.

Do you cast people to play the characters in your stories?

Often, I do. My black hero, Marchand LaFond, in my INTERVENUS series’ A BRAND NEW ADDRESS, has the warm, humorous good-guy personality of Michael Ealy who played Dorian in the Almost Human TV series.

What is on the top of your to be read pile?

I enjoy reading across many heat levels of romantic suspense. I recently finished reading LUSH by Beth Yarnall and A KISS TO DIE FOR by Gail Barrett. I just bought book 1 of the Spy Series, INEVITABLY A DUCHESS by Jessie Clever.  (Thanks, Kathleen!)

If they were to make a movie about you, who would play you and why?

Helen Mirren when she played the no-nonsense police detective in the British series PRIME SUSPECT. Not only do we resemble each other physically, but she works hard to prove herself and drives herself to battle frustrating circumstances.

What time of day is your best writing time? Up early with the birds or wake up in the middle of the night with an inspiration and have to go write it down?

Morning is best for me because my unconscious works wonders for my work-in-progress. I wake up with a new idea! I’m up at 6 a.m. and begin writing as soon as I have coffee. I take a break at 8 to swim laps for 45 minutes, but then I’m back at the computer. I do housework here and there and stop at 3:30 p.m. to walk the dogs and then shop/cook a healthy dinner.

What advice would you give new authors?

I advise new authors to keep a journal and take classes. Journaling gives us originality. Taking classes gives us fresh perspectives. I also give a class on point of view with the next one scheduled for March 21st, 2015. I enjoy helping others as they help me.

Don’t Miss A Brand New Address

A Brand New Address Romantic Suspense IntervenusCoverA meteor bombardment throws Earth into a 2nd Ice Age. Yardley Van Dyke promised her dying mother she’d care for their family by growing food in their greenhouse. With changing family dynamics, Yardley joins a shuttle going to the planet Venus. These new adults have diverse personalities, and in their own way fight against the uglier aspects of human nature. Will she get along with the show-off captain, Marchand LaFond?

Where to Find A Brand New Address



More About Kathleen Rowland

Kathy_JulyKathleen Rowland writes under her real name. Her genre is Romantic Suspense, running the gamete from sweet to sensuous. She grew up in Iowa where she caught lightning bugs, ran barefoot, and raced her sailboat on Lake Okoboji. Now she wears flip-flops and sails a Harbor 20 with her husband, Gerry, but wishes there were lightning bugs in California.

With an M.S. in Computer Science, her writing style in “Planner”. After musing up a story, Kathleen outlines and cork-boards in Scrivener. With a hard focus on clarity, she rewrites many times to capture goal, motivation, and conflict.

Kathleen and her husband, Gerry, are proud of their five children who have flown the coop, and now she has the luxury of time to write. With hard work, dreams do come true. Her latest release, A Brand New Address, from her futuristic new adult INTERVENUS series, is available in eBook and paperback.

People craft– getting along

On Wednesday I brought a home cooked salmon dinner and purple orchid to a friend who lost her husband to cancer.

Losing a spouse is devastating. It brings pain and loneliness, but it also presents practical challenges that are difficult to prepare for. When someone we love has been recently widowed, we want to be able to help. However, we often don’t know how. Here are some ways to reach out to widows and widowers in their times of need.

L. had been suffering from an avalanche of challenges. Sleep deprived while she slept in her husband’s hospital room, the rollaway is not easy on the back. L. and B. were a loving but childless couple, and she was the only one at these overnight bedsides.

When her husband passed, the cumulative effect left her shocked. She is having a hard time taking care of her basic needs and surroundings.  I asked basic questions– sleeping, eating, transportation, cleaning.  L. is finding these things therapeutic, so she said.  I think phoning, emailing, and bringing meals is important and shows we care.

People craft– getting long with yourself

Ringing in the New Year with a pledge to ring the changes is far from a modern phenomenon. The ancient Romans began each year by making promises to lead a better life to Janus, the God after whom January is named. The Babylonians, too, would vow to their gods at the turn of the year to pay back their debts. And the theme of self-improvement carries across different cultures and religions – along with fasting and atonement for sins. In my experience one resolution is enough.  Pick the most important one.  Mine is swimming laps at 9 a.m. every single day unless it’s raining with lightning.  If I do this one thing, exercising, everything else seems to fall into place!


Eat– for Good Health

Cucumber Salad recipe

Photo above is courtesy of John Kernick

Today I’m posting the eDiet’s Cucumber Salad.  This is from their Mediterranean plan.

Ingredients for Cucumber Salad

2 cup (8 fl oz) Nonfat Plain Yogurt 2 cucumber (8-1/4″) Cucumber, with peel, raw , seedless 2 clove Garlic, raw , minced 1/8 tsp Salt, table 1 tsp, whole Pepper Black 1/3 Cup Mint, fresh ,chopped 1/3 cup Coriander (cilantro) leaves, raw , chopped 2 tsp Olive Oil


Peel the cucumbers, cut in half lengthwise, then into 1/4 inch slices. Add garlic to salt to make a paste. Stir yogurt into the paste. Add pepper, mint, and cilantro. Toss to mix. Drizzle with olive oil.

May be used with pita bread.

For good reasons the soft bob layered hairstyle is among the top ten featured cuts for 2015 according to Celebrity Hairstyles.

Soft Blonde Short Bob Hairstyles 2013

The photo above is courtesy of Suzanne Shaw Haircuts: Soft Blonde Short Bob Hairstyles/Bauer Griffin

The blonde short bob hairstyles with side-swept bangs is created sleek and slicked down. The cute choppy layers make the whole hairstyle look more voluminous and full of life.

The chic and ultra-voguish style can earn you many admiring glances. The straight cut is ideal for people with fine to medium hair. The fullness of the mid-length hairstyle is at about shoulder level. The splendid and silky hairstyle is great for people who search for a fabulous and cool hairstyle that is simple to style.

Comb all the hair to rid the tangles. Leave the hair at the back and at the side longer than the front one. Create various layers to add texture and shape to the whole look. Create face-framing layers and side sweeping bangs to stress the big and shinning eyes and to pair the smooth short bob hairstyle.

People craft– taking care of yourself

Let the holidays make you healthier and happier.  From carolling to giving gifts, holiday magic isn’t just great for your soul– it’s great for your health.  Boost immunity by carolling.  Singing regulates breathing patterns, allowing your lungs to take in more energizing oxygen. You’ll get mood-lifting endorphins. Melt stress by taking a whiff of your tree.  Some scientists say we associate the fresh evergreen scent with nature.  No tree?  Light a pine scented candle.  Up your popularity by decking the halls.  Neighbors tend to rate those fellow residents who hang a wreath at their front door and put out a string of lights as friendly.  Strengthen holidays bonds by keeping family rituals.  Do you enjoy walking or driving around to see holiday lights?  Maximize health by going to holiday parties.  Socializing fights depression and this fortifies your immunity.  Increase self-esteem by giving small things– a homemade treat or holiday scented soap.

The photo below is from Can Stock.


Eat– for Good Health

To stay on track for a healthy life style, we need structure.  It’s so easy to become “festively plump” over the holidays.  I chose to sign up for eDiets, and I highly recommend their programs.  It’s only 9.99 per month for their wonderful support.  I track my daily exercise and check off everything I eat on my daily food log.  It’s terrific to get a food plan every day.  Dinner for tonight is eDiet’s Sauted Chicken and Artichoke Hearts!


24 Ounces Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast, Uncooked, all averages , halved
1/2 cup Chicken Broth, low sodium
2 fl oz White Wine , dry
2 cup Artichokes, (globe or french), frozen, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt , quartered
1 medium (2-1/2″ dia) Onions, raw , diced
1 medium (approx 2-3/4″ long, 2-1/2″ dia) Green Bell or Sweet Peppers, raw , chopped
1 tsp, leaves Tarragon , fresh minced
1/4 tsp, ground Pepper, white
1/3 Tbsp Cornstarch
2 medium whole (2-3/5″ dia) Tomatoes, red, raw , cut into wedges


1. Saute chicken in large skillet coated with nonstick cooking spray, until lightly browned, about 3 to 4 minutes per side.

2. Add chicken broth, wine, artichokes, onion, green pepper, tarragon, and white pepper; stir well. Bring to boil, cover, reduce heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes or until vegetables and chicken are tender. Add a parsley sprig!  Calories per serving are 200.

3. Combine cornstarch and water; add to chicken mixture along with tomato wedges, stir until thickened. Remove from heat. Serve. Makes 6 servings.

Photo below is courtesy of James Carrier, and the recipe is from eDiets.

chicken artichokes


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